Product Care

Product Care


Sterling Silver
It is natural for sterling silver to darken over time. This can be prevented by storing jewellery in sealed plastic bags. It is strongly recommended that jewellery be removed for bathing, exercise, and sleeping. To maintain your sterling silver jewellery, use a polishing cloth to preserve its original lustre. Sunshine Polishing Cloths are a great product for this.

Lamination: Specialized adhesives are used to fuse the layers of acrylic together, but they do have lifespans. It may occur after many years, but be aware that if any layers do come apart, this is likely normal. Please get in touch for complimentary repair (return shipping not included).

Surface: Acrylic is vulnerable to surface scratches. To prevent this, avoid wearing it against other harder materials, like metals. Certain chemicals, especially alcohol-based ones like hairspray, may weaken the surface of the piece and result in crazing (tiny fissures in the structure of the material). Please put jewellery on AFTER applying your hairspray!

Cleaning: Spot cleaning with a microfibre cloth will remove most dirt. If necessary, wash with dish soap and water, and gently scrub with a soft-bristled toothbrush.